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Authenticity is a bedrock of well-being. The trait is correlated with self-esteem, purpose, vitality, and the ability to set and accomplish goals.

Research suggests that people who score higher on surveys of authenticity are also more mindful and emotionally intelligent. This relationship could be bidirectional: Practising mindfulness and learning about emotional intelligence could provide the tools to become more authentic, leading people to think differently and become more observant, accepting, and capable of change.

Being authentic involves the ability to be introspective and understand what motivates oneself. Such accurate self-knowledge can be a double-edged sword, though, if it reveals uncomfortable truths or weaknesses that one would rather not admit. Being authentic can also put a person at odds with their larger peer group if their emerging perspective is an unpopular one.

The validation they derive from following an internal compass is sufficient for their mental well-being. Developing authenticity is an ongoing process. To begin, reflect on your values. What changes can you make to live in accordance with those values?

Examine belief systems that you developed in childhood or ingrained patterns that no longer serve you—understanding the roots of current beliefs can help you move forward.

Genuine people share a few key traits. They tend to take time to develop an opinion and speak their mind, respond to internal expectations rather than external ones, and forge a unique path to fulfill their passion and purpose.

They are often less judgmental of others and have strong self-esteem. If a person tends to be defensive and self-deceptive, they are likely not being true to themselves.

Qualities of inauthentic people include having unrealistic perceptions of reality, looking to others for approval and validation, being judgmental, not thinking things through, not learning from mistakes, and being unable to express emotions clearly or understand their own motivations.

Being authentic requires courage. Revealing your true self could garner disfavor from others, such as by expressing opposing political beliefs or sharing honest feedback with a loved one. It makes you vulnerable to rejection or betrayal.

Additionally, authenticity demands tremendous mental energy —the willingness to continually evaluate your values, your options, and your actions. We are drawn to genuine people —rather than people who simply agree with whatever we say or do—because those who are true to themselves are also likely to be true and honest with us.

Authenticity is also associated with many appealing traits, including confidence , strength, individuality, and emotional resilience. Hollywood may be skeptical about whether genuine friendship can transform into deep romance, but the latest psychological research reports surprising findings on this issue.

Learn how to break down your life purpose into achievable steps that you can start today. It's easier than you might think. If you find it challenging to stick with your goals, you may have better luck when you can connect your goals to your values.

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A Personal Perspective: The Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs duet reflects our best hopes for the world. The paradox of success without fulfillment is the story of every miserable billionaire. Dating can be complicated and frustrating.

Simplify your love life with 10 pieces of advice from top dating and relationship experts. Mental health and finding purpose connect more than you might think.

But how do you cultivate a sense of purpose when you or a loved one are experiencing mental health challenges? Gratitude meditation can be a brief but mighty mindful tactic. Here are some tips and caveats. Authenticity Reviewed by Psychology Today Staff. Contents What Is Authenticity?

How to Be Authentic. How do researchers define authenticity? Created with Sketch. The concept is still debated today, but psychologists Michael Kernis and Brian Goldman developed an Authenticity Inventory in comprised of four key factors: 1. How does authenticity change over the lifespan?

How has social media influenced authenticity? Does authenticity benefit mental health? Is authenticity related to mindfulness? article continues after advertisement. How do I become a more authentic person?

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The power of AUTHENTICITY (the word of the year)

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