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even plans to use AI to analyze its potential movies and choose which ones to put into development. But there's also fear that a dystopian future is looming with the creation of autonomous weapons , including drones, missile defense systems and sentry robots.

Industry leaders have called for regulation of the technology to prevent the potential harm from tools like deepfakes, which are video forgeries that make people seem to say or do things they didn't.

Drones have been used to shoot movie sequences, deliver packages and spray pesticides over crops to protect farms. Drones have really taken off in recent years.

What started out as a hobbyist gadget has transformed industries, with the unmanned aircraft shooting movie sequences, delivering packages to hard-to-reach places, surveying construction sites and spraying pesticide over crops to protect farms.

Drones now range from noisy quadcopters to payload-carrying mini-planes. In the not-too-distant future, drones are expected to crowd the skies, acting as personal air taxis and performing lifesaving duties such as delivering medicine, helping with search and rescue, and fighting fires.

DNA testing has been helpful in identifying previously unknown relatives as well as criminal suspects. With a simple swab of your cheek or a sample of your saliva, DNA testing kits have helped deepen our understanding of ancestry, introduced us to living relatives around the world, determined paternity and shed light on a predisposition to specific health issues and diseases.

Over the past few years, the kits have become quite affordable and popular. Law enforcement agencies in particular have grown fond of the kits.

Using a technique called genetic genealogy, they've cracked dozens of murder, rape and assault cases , some from decades ago. Then investigators use traditional genealogical research to identify possible suspects, who are then tested for a DNA match to the crime scene.

But the practice relies on investigators having access to a large cache of DNA profiles, and it stirs worries among privacy watchdogs. Companies and countries are pouring billions of dollars into quantum computing research and development.

They're betting it will pay off by opening up new abilities in chemistry, shipping, materials design, finance, artificial intelligence and more. The technology is beginning to show some of the promise researchers have hyped for decades.

Last year, a Google-designed quantum processor called Sycamore completed a task in seconds that, by Google's estimate, would take 10, years on the world's fastest supercomputer. Honeywell , which once sold massive mainframes, predicts the performance of its quantum computers will grow by a factor of 10 every year for each of the next five years -- meaning they'd be , times faster in The online world was a very different place two decades ago.

Social networkers of a certain age may remember Friendster , the site that launched in and allowed people to fill out an online profile and connect with people they knew in real life.

But two years later, Mark Zuckerberg changed everything when he launched a social-networking site for college students called Facebook.

It opened to the general public in and quickly left Friendster and MySpace far behind. Today Facebook helps people connect and stay connected, but its real business is advertising. It also helped pave the way for other social networks that help people chat, share photos and find jobs, among other activities.

It now has 2. We've seen the concept play out on TV and in movies for years, and now with home 3D printers it's finally growing beyond a wildly exotic hobby for a small enthusiast audience.

The technology allows manufacturers to build plastic components that are lighter than metal alternatives and with unusual shapes that can't be made by conventional injection molding methods. The devices are used to create materials inside football helmets and Adidas running shoes, and Porsche plans to roll out a new 3D printing program that will allow customers to have their cars' seats partially 3D-printed.

Some call 3D printing the fourth industrial revolution. Video streaming services are quickly replacing cable and satellite subscriptions for many consumers. Twenty-five years ago, a new media storage format was taking the entertainment world by storm. DVDs had superior picture and sound quality to the VHS tape, and they took up less room on your shelves.

Movie rental stores abandoned VHS for DVDs, and online rental services like Netflix popped up, offering the convenience of mailing rented discs directly to you.

Then Netflix introduced its streaming service, allowing people to watch movies and TV shows across the internet. Consumers fell in love with the convenience of on-demand programming and began the phenomenon of "cutting the cord. By next year, more than one-fifth of US households are expected to have cut the cord on cable and satellite services, according to eMarketer.

Vinyl will always be popular among audiophiles, but streaming is still the future of music listening. Streaming music is cheap or even free in the case of Pandora and Spotify and outpaces any physical format when it comes to convenience.

And that's after declines of Mobile apps have changed the way we consume media and communicate, from news and streaming services to texting and social media apps.

They have also changed the way we go about living our daily lives, helping us find on-demand rides, short- and long-term rentals, and have food delivered to our door, just to name a few of the countless benefits.

The promise of autonomous vehicles has been touted for more than a decade: Without human drivers, proponents say, cars will be safer and more comfortable, especially on long trips. Technology companies have been working on making them a reality for a long time.

The driverless vehicle fleet from Waymo , the autonomous car company owned by Google parent Alphabet, has driven more than 20 million miles on public roads since its founding in Fully self-driving cars may not arrive in dealerships for another decade, but we're already benefiting from the technology being developed for autonomous vehicles, including adaptive cruise control, automatic forward-collision braking, automatic parking, autopilot and lane-keep assist.

Retailers fell in love with radio frequency identification tracking some 20 years ago, touting the little chips as a convenient way to control inventory and reduce theft, without people having to make contact with the tagged item. Today, they have a variety of applications, including tracking cars, computer equipment and books.

They're implanted into animals to help identify the owners of lost pets, farmers use them to monitor crops and livestock, and they help food companies track the source of packaged goods.

Companies large and small have begun using virtual reality, which transports users to a computer-generated world. While the video game industry was expected to get an economic boost from virtual reality, the broader tech industry sees other applications for the nascent technology, including education, health care , architecture and entertainment.

A boy in the San Francisco Bay Area meets up with his preschool classmates and teachers with the Zoom videoconferencing app. As the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world we live in, forcing us to avoid contact with others and shelter in place, videoconferencing has exploded in popularity.

A few months ago, this technology wouldn't have made our list, but now it's proving indispensable. Video telephony has been around in some form since the s, but it wasn't until the web debuted that the technology took off.

Along with webcams, free internet services such as Skype and iChat popularized the tech in the s, taking videoconferencing to all corners of the internet.

The corporate world embraced the tool as a way to cut down on employee travel for meetings and as a marketing tool. As companies and schools implemented policies on work and study from home , video chatting and conferencing apps grew in popularity as a way to get work done and communicate with friends and family, especially among people who had never used the tech before.

E-cigarettes were pitched as a healthier alternative to cigarettes, but they have provoked new health concerns. Battery-operated e-cigarettes hit the US market about a decade ago, touted as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

However, they didn't really gain traction until , when Juul Labs debuted its discreet USB-size vaporizer and quickly became the industry leader. In , an increasing number of people who vape were winding up in hospital with symptoms that include coughing, shortness of breath and other health problems after vaping -- and at least 54 people have died.

Juul is accused in a lawsuit of illegally targeting young people online in advertising campaigns. Vaping companies have been sued on similar grounds in other courts. San Francisco banned the sale of e-cigarettes in June. The first ransomware attack can be traced to the late s, but the malware has grown in prominence as one of the greatest cybersecurity threats since Ransomware locks down a victim's computer system until a ransom, usually in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, is paid.

Hackers often threaten to erase data. It spreads like other malware does, through email attachments or unsecured links. Tech Tech Industry. Steven Musil is the night news editor at CNET News. He's been hooked on tech since learning BASIC in the late '70s. When not cleaning up after his daughter and son, Steven can be found pedaling around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Before joining CNET in , Steven spent 10 years at various Bay Area newspapers. in French. in Dutch. in Czech. in Danish. in Indonesian. in Thai. in Vietnamese. in Polish. in Malay.

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postup, vzestup…. sự tiến bộ…. postęp, osiągnięcie…. kenaikan pangkat…. das Vorankommen, der Aufstieg…. просування вперед, успіх, прогрес…. прогресс, продвижение…. Need a translator? Translator tool. advanced degree BETA. Advanced Encryption Standard. Advanced Placement. advancing share.

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Advancemfnts of the blue. Bumps and Adancements Words for minor injuries. Natural remedies Lean muscle endurance U Advancements. Add to word list Add to word list. the development or improvement of something:. All she was interested in was the advancement of her own career. Making progress and advancing. Advancements covers a Lean muscle endurance B vitamins and depression of industries Advqncements economies, featuring Advanecments state-of-the-art technologies Advancemets solutions Lean muscle endurance to shaping, molding, and transforming Lean muscle endurance world. Menu All All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search. Sign In Sign In. New Customer? Create account. EN Fully supported English United States Partially supported Français Canada Français France Deutsch Deutschland हिंदी भारत Italiano Italia Português Brasil Español España Español México.

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